45 rpm the movie



In the autumn of 1960, a reclusive teenager
discovers love, loss, and rock'n'roll.

Fifteen year old Parry Tender doesn't know where to turn. Small town life is driving him crazy and a precocious girl who looks and acts more like a boy wants to be his girlfriend. When a fluke atmospheric condition allows a fifty thousand watt Manhattan radio station to pump its infectious rock'n'roll signal into Canada's far north, winning a radio contest might be Parry's only way out.

Press Release
March 6/2009: Theatrical premiere of "45 RPM" in Regina and Saskatoon Writer-Director David Schultz, star Kim Coates and Co-Producer Anand Ramayya host Gala Saskatoon opening night.

After completing its successful festival circuit, "45 RPM" is opening theatrically to the public in Saskatchewan. The feature film will open at the Regina Public Library March 19 - 22 and will play at the Broadway Theatre in Saskatoon from March 27 until April 2.

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