45 rpm the movie




David Schultz
Writer / Director

David Schultz is a writer/director with more than twenty years service to the Canadian film industry. His directing credits include the feature films 45 RPM and Jet Boy. Writing credits include screenplay adaptations of Joy Fielding's New York Times best selling novels Don't Cry Now and The Other Woman as well as Daniel Kalla's Pandemic. Original screenplay credits include Silent Cradle, Question of Privledge, One of Our Own, Anthrax and Double Frame. His documentaries include the six part series Rebels - A Journey Underground and the History Television special The Longest Road, co-produced with the National Film Board of Canada.


Craig Wrobleski, CSC
Director of Photography

In sixteen years behind the camera Craig Wrobleski has served as Director of Photography on productions of every description in a variety of formats including 35mm film, 16mm film, 8mm film, Betacam, 24p NTSC and High Definition video and multi-camera mobiles.

Craig's drama credits include second unit photography on Human Trafficking, Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story and Lies My Mother Told Me, as well as award winning short films such as Pieces of Eight, Bohemians, Insomniac, The Office, Carpe Diem and Game Seven.

Craig has filmed documentaries on subjects ranging from Catholic missionaries (God's Explorers) to AIDS (Killing Time) and from Bret 'The Hitman' Hart (Wrestling with Shadows) to Preston Manning (Life and Times). 

In addition, Craig has photographed hundreds of commercials and promotional spots for broadcast all over North America. His music video work for acts such as Blue Rodeo, Terri Clark, Paul Brandt, Mike Plume and James Keelaghan have aired on CMT, MTV, MuchMusic, MuchMoreMusic and Bravo!.  He has served as cinematographer on over 30 live concert specials aired on MTV, CMT, CBC and PBS.

His work has taken him all across Canada and to locations throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. His photography has been singled out for awards at the Yorkton Film Festival, The Alberta Motion Pictures Industry Awards and The Iris Awards. Craig has been a full member of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers since 2001 and is a member of IATSE Local 669.  He has taught lighting seminars at the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers and IATSE 212 and is a sessional instructor at Mount Royal College in Calgary.


Hugh Shankland
Production Designer

Hugh Shankland was born and raised in South Africa before emigrating to Canada and establishing himself as a highly sought after production designer in the film and television industry.

Most recently, Hugh served as the production designer for the CTV smash hit narrative comedic television series Corner Gas, a role for which he has received numerous awards and nominations from his industry peers.

Hugh has worked on many film and television projects including the Mary Higgins Clark television mini-series' Try to Remember and The Cradle Will Fall.


Bridget Durnford

A veteran in the film and television industry, Bridget Durnford has edited numerous diverse projects.

Her feature film and television movie editing credits include Picking Up and Dropping Off for ABC Family Channel, Almost America, Question of Privilege and Silent Cradle for Showtime/Illusions Entertainment, two North of 60 television movies for CBC/Alberta Film Works, the two-hour pilot for Neon Rider and the television movies The Clinic and The Hound of London.

She edited two full seasons of the CBC one-hour narrative drama series Tom Stone.

Among the many documentaries Bridget has edited are the National Film Board of Canada's Pieces of a Dream, Kuwait: The Aftermath, Terri Clark - Real and The Ghost Whales of Lancaster Sound.

In the past Bridget kept busy editing sports programs for network television, working on the Albertville and Nagano Winter Olympics, as well as the Barcelona and Atlanta Summer Olympics.  She has worked two World Figure Skating Championships for ABC, a World Gymnastics competition for NBC and an Extreme Games event for ESPN.